the Jaz Bikes
the Open Road...   

It was like a whole new life.
All of a sudden it was like I was in control.
I could go as fast as I wanted.
It was scary but it felt good.


1 Gary Fisher Montare   

  year purchased: 1993 paid: $636.65 model year: 1992 ?  
serial number: FS90118902 

 My first "real" bike, the Fisher was purchased new right after high school. It was cool and shiny and innovative. It originally had retailed for $850 but had been discounted to $695. I offered $595 for it which was accepted. (Trek purchased Gary Fisher in 1993 so the discount may have been partly due to that.) The bike had an elevated chainstay which brought the rear wheel under the rider and made it a better climber. To me climbing ability has always been the most important feature in a bike.
 In 1994, the frame developed a fracture which apparently was not uncommon for this model. Fortunately it was under warranty and easily replaced but I was sad to give up my little companion that had been with me on so many great rides.

2 Gary Fisher Montare   

  year purchased: 1994 paid: ? model year: 1994 ?  
serial number: na 

 After cracking the frame on my original Montare, I learned that Fisher had been bought by Trek and the model had been changed and upgraded. I herefore had the option of getting the next lower model for free or paying a bit and sticking with the Montare in a "new and improved" version. I decided to stick with the Montare.
 The new model eliminated the elevated chainstay that had been the biggest selling point for me. Additionally, the steel frame was changed to aluminum and painted a beautiful red colour. It was definitely a class above the original with nearly perfect welds. It was also my first aluminum bike.
 Sadly, this bike was stolen while left unattended at a Jewel/Osco in Springfield, Illinois. Happily, however, my parent's homeowners insurance covered it and I was able to purchase my first recumbent with the money.

3 Rans Response   

  year purchased: 1995 paid: $1000.00 model year: 1995  
serial number: 994049 

 My first recumbent bike, the Rans was purchased with the insurance money I received after the theft of my Gary Fisher Montare. One of the best purchases I ever made, I became one of the first people in Springfield IL to own a recumbent (especially a long-wheelbase one), and when I moved to Sheboygan WI, I was one of the first to own one there as well.
 In 2003, I crashed the bike on the first day of a weeklong bike trip. It took me over a week to recover and I still have scars. The bike has sadly been retired which is probably good. It served me well and was my favourite ride but Rans recalled that model after a couple of years of production.

4 Cannondale ST500   

  year purchased: 1997 paid: $187.25 model year: 1983?  
serial number: BB1012 


5 Bridgestone MB-6   

  year purchased: ? paid: ? model year: ?  
serial number: na 

 While in the course of moving to Eau Claire from Sheboygan, I came and went several times before everything was final. Seeing the need for transportation in Eau Claire while I was there, I purchased this bike used and stored it at a friend's house for those last few months in Sheboygan. This was my Eau Claire bike while the Cannondale was my Sheboygan bike (and the Rans was still in Springfield!).

6 Cannondale   

  year purchased: 200? paid: ? model year: ?  
serial number: na 


7 Klein Pinnacle DX   

  year purchased: 2002 paid: $221.54 model year: 1991  
serial number: R3614A 

 This was my first high end mountain bike and with a retail price above $2500, possibly the most valuable bike purchased to date. I fell in love immediately. The bike was so incredibly lighter than any of my others - including my road bikes. The handling was out of this world. I could climb like a goat on it. I used this bike for several years and at least two bike trips. I took it to Cornerstone at least twice. After years of hard riding and harder winters, however, the drivetrain was shot. But the bike was so nice that it was the only one that I kept out of storage with the intention of replacing the components and riding again. It is just head and shoulders a better bike than any other I have ever owned.

8 Bob Jackson   

  year purchased: 2005 paid: $184.63 model year: ?  
serial number: na 

 In the winter of 2004-2005, I was struggling with a need to replace my bikes. My Cannondale and Klein were in bad shape. The frames were fine but the components were corroded badly from the WI winters. Salt and condensation had done their deed and the bikes were barely functional. Finally, after nearly being late for work due to bike problems, I decided that it was time for a new one.
 I was very excited to find this lovely Bob Jackson for consignment in the used department of a bike store in Eau Claire WI. Nearly perfect condition with high end parts (including Campagnolo!), it was exactly what the doctor ordered.

9 Cannondale F400   

  year purchased: 2007 paid: $393.75 model year: 2004  
serial number: na 

 In the spring of 2007, I realised that I needed to plan ahead and look into a new mountain bike. Based on experience, I needed a bike for Cornerstone. The festival grounds are simply too large to effectively be traveled by foot. Because it is gravel, dirt, and mud, I didn't want to take my Bob Jackson and though I had begun to fix up my Klein, the process had only proved that it was going to be a long expensive endeavour. It simply would be cheaper to purchase a "new" used bike. I found this Cannondale in April, put $50 down, and began making payments for the June festival.

10 Cannondale M300   

  year puchased: 2009 paid: $125 model year: ?  
serial number: na 

 In the summer of 2009, we purchased our first bike (as a couple) for Marcy. We found this nice little Cannondale in the basement of a bike store for less than $150.



" Me.  I ride for me."